Ethiopia puts Boeing on a back foot as it reveals its Max-8 findings

Ethiopian has clearly stated that its conclusion is that pilots of the crashed Max-8 did everything by the book – the Boeing rule book – to regain control of the aircraft.

In a staggering blow to Boeing Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport outlined a devastating list of procedures followed by the pilots. They did everything by the book, following every procedure.

They repeatedly turned the MCAS system on and off, and the conclusion is that pilots did what Boeing told them to do. They followed operational procedures but still couldn’t control the aircraft.

Now the efforts will be placed on trying to find out why the aircraft couldn’t be prevented from crashing.

The first crash of the LionAir aircraft in late 2018, shows that Boeing’s advice following that incident may have been erroneous and exacerbated the second aircrafts predicament.

On top of that Boeing’s authorised repair agents in Miami repaired the sensors on the LionAir aircraft – possibly incorrectly, and that too is now being investigated.

Coupled to accusations of unqualified certifiers at Boeing, the whole process of self certification and the closeness of the FAA and Boeing’s relationships, the whole situation is forcing a significant review of how safety is managed and regulated.

In my opinion this is long over due. I have believed for years that commercial interest has far too long weighed down the process of development and prevented aircraft systems being adequately tested.