Brexit chaos damaging summer air travel across Europe warns easyJet

easyJet warned yesterday that Brexit chaos and indecision is damaging forward bookings.

Other airlines are noticing similar issues as flights to and from the U.K. especially are chronically under sold for the time of year.

That’s affecting prices and will inevitably hit profits.

However it’s not just flights to and from the U.K. that are suffering. There is a general trend that booking flights will be affected by Brexit across all of Europe. Couple that to air traffic congestion issues last year which created long delays and it seems to have put travellers off across the continent.

European summer time commenced on March 31st and with it came the spring/summer schedules.

U.K. airlines are showing good sales on long haul destinations over Easter but there’s a distinct lack of interest in traditional destinations like Spain and Portugal.

Air travel issues have simply not been properly explained and there’s been no publicity in the U.K.

The facts remain that even in the ever growing likelihood of a no deal Brexit, flights to and from Europe will not be affected until at the earliest, winter 2019.

It is true that there might be delays at immigration points at airports as U.K. citizens won’t be able to use E.U./EEA lanes to clear passport control, and E.U. citizens will face the same issues in the U.K. until some arrangement is reached.

In the event of the deal being passed nothing will change until the end of 2020. If, by some fortune Brexit is cancelled and Article 50 revoked, the whole system won’t change at all.