Lufthansa to chose A series or 737Max for major fleet replacement

Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 12.27.03.png

Lufthansa said yesterday it will make a significant order to replace its A319 and CRJ900 series aircraft next year.

CEO Carsten Spohr said that Boeing will fix the problems with the 737Max and so it will not be an issue to consider it. Lufthansa deleted its last 737’s in 2017.

In terms of variations and cost effectiveness, it seems that the 737 would be the most unlikely answer. The A320 series would seem to be the obvious solution on grounds of unified costs and maintenance, but sometimes that’s not always enough.

The airline seems set on creating a unified fleet, removing the A319 size aircraft and the CRJ’s and following up with a type that will cover the whole sector.


The aircraft that comes to mind, and Airbus would see as a solution, is the A220-100. Lufthansa is already aware of its utility via its subsidiary Swiss.

The decision is a year away, but the likelihood of Airbus getting the deal must be high.