ANA takes delivery of its first A380


ANA has the dubious distinction of being the last new customer for a factory A380, as it takes delivery of the first of three aircraft. Once these are delivered all remaining orders are for Emirates.

ANA never wanted the A380. It was a compromise deal to allow it to take over collapsed airline Skymark. Airbus was that airlines biggest creditor, following an order for 6 A380’s, two of which were built, one finished (they both ended up with Emirates).

ANA wanted to buy the remains of Skymark (and subsequently did) but only after Airbus made ANA agree to buy three A380’s and relinquish its rights to Skymark’s assets in return.

Of course the PR people don’t want to remember why they have them, they just want you to bathe in the glow of their amazing new aircraft.


So, after a competition to select a livery appropriate to the aircraft’s only route – Tokyo to Honolulu – the first of the three is entering service.

Frankly I love it, it’s a great aircraft and a great airline. ANA has gone to every effort to design inside and outside to make families and holiday makers have a real experience, and there’s a bit of me that wouldn’t mind trying out that route on that aircraft! Maybe the next time I’m in Tokyo! A380 to Hawaii, few days there and on to San Francisco….