How clean is your airline? Not one U.K. or U.S. airline in the top 30

A few weeks ago a little reported story described how British Airways was testing not cleaning its short haul aircraft between flights.

This week Skytrax published its cleanest airline award. Astoundingly, for countries that consider themselves in the high side of the global hygiene rankings, not one British or US airline appeared in the top 30.

It was dominated by Asian carriers – the No.1 position went to Japan’s ANA.

Swiss was considered the best in Europe with Lufthansa not far behind. In the North American section it was Air Canada, in the Australasia/Oceania area, Air New Zealand won with Virgin Australia a bit behind.

Qatar won the Middle East and Azul South America, with South African wining the whole of Africa.

The worst offending parts of the aircraft? Your seat back tray and, unsurprisingly, toilets. Indeed the seat back trays are considered one of the least hygienic items of any type anywhere.

I’ll admit I carry sanitizer wipes and clean touch screens, remotes, arm rests and yes, the tray before we even take off! And don’t forget the air vent controls if you have them…

The full list: