RyanAir Sun to rebrand as Buzz

With RyanAir’s decision to create a Group structure, caused by the acquisition of Laudamotion in Austria and the legal consequences of Brexit, requiring the establishment of a U.K. subsidiary under the RyanAir U.K. name, more changes have been announced.

In 2013 RyanAir established RyanAir in Poland as a means to undermine Small Planet Airlines that held the regional holiday market. Small Planet collapsed last year, unable to compete. In 2018 they created RyanAir Sun from that operation.

With RyanAir offering package holidays in competition with easyJet the Sun brand was being used to supply the flights.

The original Buzz branding from 2004

The type of operation involved and the target market doesn’t really fit with the RyanAir brand per se, which is just cheap flights.

RyanAir bought out Buzz, which operated out of London Stansted Airport in 2004 and still owns the rights to the brand. The decision is to rebrand the old RyanAir Sun – although aircraft never carried any livery to differentiate them, and create a fully liveried Buzz brand.

The new Buzz 2019 livery