Lufthansa 787-9 order along with A359’s surprised many

Lufthansa buying more A359’s wasn’t really a surprise – the current orders are fast being filled and the airline has been delighted by the aircraft. Yet it’s just a bit too big for some markets and there are a lot of aircraft coming to end of life.

The 747 fleet – all of it is to be retired. The 744’s by around 2023 and the 19 strong 747-8i’s as they reach ten years old during the mid 2020’s.

There are still handfuls if A340-600 and -300 that also need retiring.

Longer term there’s the A333 fleet. Lufthansa has shown zero interest in the A339neo and 20 787-9’s is not a big order for a massive airline like Lufthansa. If they work out, expect more to be ordered to take up the role.

Airbus agreed to buy back the 6 A380’s as part of the A359 deal and it seems some sort of similar deal was struck with Boeing over the 748i.

Lufthansa will be left with 8 A380’s though how long it will keep them is open to debate.