Boeing & FAA are making the Max-8 a crisis of confidence and respect

The persistent refusal of the two entities, the regulator in the guise of the FAA and Boeing as manufacturers, are creating a crisis where there should not be one.

By steadfastly refusing to put people first and insisting there aircraft are safe when there is an issue, they are undermining public confidence. Not just in the aircraft type, but in the so far unblemished reputation of the FAA.

Even if the two incidents turn out not to be linked, which almost every expert so far interviewed has said seems unlikely, the fact is that the public and the airlines are now highly skeptical – and can you blame them?

When most of the planet decides that safety comes first and that it is for Boeing to demonstrate conclusive proof it’s aircraft is safe, for the FAA and Boeing to sit there, and arrogantly insist there’s ‘nothing to see here’ is preposterous.

The software update has still not been rolled out. It’s been 5 months. It’s likely that a second failure from that failed software has occurred. There are reports that US pilots told Boeing last year the automatic anti-stall system wasn’t working properly.

Nearly 400 people are dead, probably some 2400 of their relatives and friends traumatised by their loss. And all Boeing and the FAA can do is ignore what the public need them to do. Put people first and profits second.

Time is running out for Boeing and the FAA to do the right thing. Frankly I think they have already lost the PR war and the damage is done.

The public around the world expect to be treated with respect. We place our lives in their hands. An air disaster is more likely to be catastrophic than any other type of transport when it goes wrong. Which proportionately is thankfully rare.

The FAA isn’t putting people and safety first. It stating what it thinks is acceptable without being convincing. Dead people are convincing.

Opinions without verified, supported and confirmed facts are not.The FAA is stating an opinion that Boeing is right. It can’t prove it and it doesn’t know it 100%. Until it does the Max-8 must be grounded.