FAA refuses to ground Max-8 despite the rest of the world doing so

In an astonishing act of ignorance, the FAA, notorious for its high proportion of ex-Boeing staff and with deep roots in the Trump administration, has refused to put people first.

In effect giving in to the commercial aircraft lobby and the big US airlines, the FAA continues to state that the Max-8 and 9 are airworthy.

It seems that nearly 400 deaths from two crashes of a brand new aircraft type – itself unprecedented in decades – isn’t enough to persuade what was once seen as the worlds foremost civil aviation authority, that people, not business, should come first.

While virtually every airline or state civil aviation organisation have insisted on groundings or bans from their airspace, the FAA thinks it knows best.

God help it if another incident happens on their watch.

No matter what the FAA thinks Boeing is doing to fix the issue, until it can be conclusively proven the aircraft poses no risk to life, it must be grounded – any reasonable human being would expect no less. It is for Boeing and the FAA to prove there are no problems, not assume there are none, and that work in progress is good enough.

It is not good enough and nor is the FAA’s misguided and dangerous approach.