125 of 371 Max-8’s grounded as EASA and FAA dither

From China to Indonesia and the Caymans to Morrocco, 737-8’s are being grounded following Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines crash, which has stark similarities to an accident not five months ago.

EDITOR: The U.K. CAA banned the 737 Max from U.K. airspace at 1200UTC March 12. The FAA continues to deny the aircraft isn’t unsafe.

Let’s be clear, nearly 400 people are dead in two accidents on one very new latest generation aircraft type.

It stuns me that the entire FAA and EASA apparatus are dithering over issuing a grounding order. Rather than inconvenience airlines and take the Chinese approach – zero tolerance, people first, they hesitate.

It’s an extraordinary example when China is considering safety first rather than airline profits. FAA and EASA should have a zero tolerance policy – two incidents in these circumstances on one aircraft type is a red alert – take zero risk. This is down to Boeing to prove complete safety, not for other lives to be risked.

It’s decades since a new aircraft type in service had two fatal flights this close together. Ground the Max-8 now until it’s proven to be safe.