Delta hasn’t decided on Alitalia; another strike looms

Alitalia has had an unusual accolade as the worlds most on-time airline in February.

Meanwhile, for an airline that really shouldn’t even exist any more and is on what amounts to state aided life support, you’d think it’s employees would think twice about yet another strike.

But no, the entire Italian aviation industry is about to go on strike for a number of reasons, but one of them is the lack of progress on selling the airline and where it’s future lies!

The fact that strikes are how Alitalia ended up where it is today, and that if anything could put Delta off right at the point it wants to make a decision, another strike would just about seal the airlines fate.

If Delta doesn’t buy into the airline and keep it in Skyteam the chances are it will simply end up broken up and asset stripped. And the unions will be to blame.