Lufthansa ‘close’ to buying Condor, redeploys Eurowings long-haul

Lufthansa is redeploying most of its Eurowings long haul to Frankfurt and Munich, leaving just four aircraft at Düsseldorf after having moved it there from Cologne-Bonn just a year ago.

The airline has realised that it has virtually no feeder service to Düsseldorf and its market is seriously underperforming.

Instead, having looked at how Edelweiss works with Swiss – both operating out of Zürich with each supplying the other with linked passengers, using both airlines services, Lufthansa is to do the same with Eurowings long haul.

Lufthansa is also deeply interested in buying back Condor, the German side of Thomas Cook Airlines. Two sources have now told me that a deal is imminent – but it will almost certainly not cover the British side of the airline, which it’s been, again, suggested may be sold off piecemeal to airlines interested in different aircraft. Virgin Atlantic are said to be interested in the A332’s.

The Condor purchase if it completes, would give Lufthansa a massive operation at Frankfurt on the European and long-haul low cost travel market, as well as a huge share from its Munich hub.

It’s uncertain at this point if Condor will be dropped in the event of a buyout, and merged with Eurowings. It would seem strange to keep an oddity brand flying without a distinctive reason to do so – the future is Eurowings and Condor would simply have no reason to operate separately.

2 thoughts on “Lufthansa ‘close’ to buying Condor, redeploys Eurowings long-haul

  1. Given that the Condor name only survived after the Thomas Cook merger because of it’s popularity and an outcry from the German travelling public, you’d think they might consider losing the Eurowings brand instead ?


    1. I did wonder but the trouble is Eurowings is pan-European rather than just German. And ‘just German’ isn’t wide enough these days to manage a multi-market airline.


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