Start the week Aviation News roundup

Iran Air A320

Iran Air has added 3 A319’s all of which date to 2002.

The aircraft are said to have been derived internally, but the airline is still disappointed over the fact it won’t be getting its Airbus and Boeing orders, because of Trumps reimposed sanctions.

The Iranian New Year begins on March 21st and the aircraft will be used to deal with peak travel over the period.

AirFrance confirmed the Joon brand will not be continued past June. The last flight is expected to be St Maarten to Paris CDG on June 28th.

The scandal over seat back cameras in aircraft has spread to United and American Airlines, having started on Singapore Airlines.

All the airlines say they’re not connected, but they do have them. It appears to be standard fit on some Panasonic and Thales IFE systems.

The question is why have they got them? Airlines say it’s because they were a standard fit, and an option for in-flight seat to seat video chat was considered by the suppliers, but nobody wanted it. So yes, they’re there, but no they don’t work. Yet.

Vietnam Airlines has bee rated Category 1 by the FAA allowing flights to the US. This happened just before Trump is about to visit, and the airline is expecting to sign off a deal for up to 100 737-8 Max to replace its ageing A320 series aircraft.