Norwegian 737-8 stuck in Iran might be free in a week


I bet you thought this was all long over with? But  no, Trump’s re-imposition of sanctions on Iran has left the aircraft stuck on the hard standing at Shiraz for over two months.

The 35 day shut down didn’t help because the US State Department and Treasury Departments – both needed to sign off on granting permits to export an engine to Iran, were mostly closed and unable to assist.

On top of that banks were barred from providing finance for the transfer without permissions and GE/CFM who made the engine also had to secure there own permissions.

Norwegian have been paying for the leased aircraft, and paying Shiraz Airport’s ground charges – which in itself required permission to send money to Iran.

However things have now seemingly come together, and Norwegian crew and technicians are said to be fitting a new engine in the next week. Shipping the old engine back to the US from Iran is also another set of problems, but not in this case Norwegians’.

The crew who had to land the aircraft there, and the crew who go out to bring it back have all been told that because they have to enter Iran officially, they will barred from entering the United States for 5 years.

Updated: the aircraft took off from Shiraz on the morning of Saturday 23 February and arrived in Sweden later that day. It’s total time in Iran was 10 weeks.