FlyBMi, a regional U.K. airline files for bankruptcy, flights cancelled

U.K. regional airline FlyBMi that operated 17 ERJ-145’s inside the U.K. and to select destinations in Europe, and was the last vestige of the old British Midland, has filed for administration and cancelled all of its flights.

The airline is based in Nottingham and owned by Airline Investments Limited.

The airline blamed fuel prices, its inability to take part in the EU carbon trading scheme which would impact its ability to fly to Europe, and rolling uncertainty over Brexit.

The Brexit issue was a substantial one in the airlines fate. It operated a large number of contract flights for business customers and these simply vanished. European customers stopped booking and U.K. businesses did the same, the perception being that flights would stop, nobody wanted to commit. On top of that the airline wouldn’t be able to fly point to point inside the EU after March 29, regardless.

The airline had invested £40m over the last three years to keep itself going but said trading conditions has become unbearable, with Brexit taking a heavy toll. 336 staff have lost their jobs.

The airline served 25 destinations in the U.K. and Europe.