Emirates orders 30 A339’s & 30 A359’s in deal over cancelled A380’s

Emirates has ordered 30 A350-900’s and 30 A330-900’s as part of its deal with Airbus over the cancelled A380’s.

There was initial confusion over the numbers with some agency reports but the above is listed correctly.

It’s something of a back slide for Emirates, who decided in 2017 to become a two-aircraft operation, disposing of their 772’s, A340’s and A330’s to concentrate on the 773 and A380 fleet.

There had been some concern that the lack of mid-range aircraft would prove difficult on some routes, with gross over capacity on some. This seems to have come to pass, especially in near-Asian and African markets, never mind the smaller European cities.

Delivery will start in 2020. Emirates has already cancelled the A350 once, killing an order for 70 aircraft. Doubt now remains over the 787-10 order – this is likely to be turned into 777-9’s.