Qatar to retire A380’s and replace with 779/A35K

Qatar’s CEO Al Baker told journalists yesterday that the airline will retire its ten A380’s at ten years of age, and replace them with Boeing’s 777-9 and A350-1000’s.

The first A380’s in Qatar’s fleet will retire in 2024.

He also said that he saw no secondary market for the aircraft and expected them to be broken up.

Qatar also confirmed it would not be launch customer for the 777-8/9 but would be an early customer.

Al Baker also said that when the A350-1000 gets an extended range in 2020, it too, will be high on their list of ordering priorities.

Qantas Project Sunrise has stimulated many airlines to consider options – if a viable A350 or 777-8, able to fly 24 hours non stop becomes available it could transform ultra long haul options.

It would see the potential return of other European airlines to New Zealand and Australia – only BA flies to Sydney at present, and cut out the Middle Eastern hubs that carry most passengers from Europe to Australasia. Qatar will need to be in a position not to miss out.