Start the week: Aviation news briefing

1. Virgin Atlantic surprised us with the announcement of a new route – London Heathrow to Tel Aviv in Israel.

It seems slightly unlikely as routes go, it’s just 5 hours, BA, ElAl operate on the same route from Heathrow and easyJet from Gatwick.

They’ll operate a single A330-300 daily.

2. An American Airlines pilot was arrested at Manchester prior to operating a flight to Philadelphia-for alcohol intoxication. The flight was cancelled. While relatively rare, over 30 pilots were stopped before flying aircraft last year alone. And they’re the ones we know about.

3. Thomas Cook Group was forced to confirm it is selling its airlines either in while or in part – and as soon as a deal can be reached with anyone interested. It will mean the end of Condor and Thomas Cook Airlines as we know them.

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4. Hot off the back of Thomas Cook’s disclosure, rumour is rampant that TUI are thinking along similar lines. These airlines were born in a different age and there’s no longer a need to transport your customers in your aircraft, to your resorts.The age of low cost travel is making the concept redundant.

5. Delta is quite rightly basking in praise for the cabins and equipment on the newly launched A220 – a total contrast to the near derision American Airlines faced for the 738Max.

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6. Lufthansa lost a court case it launched against a customer who didn’t use his full ticket – he’d gotten off at the transfer city and taken another onward flight. While it’s against the airlines T&C’s you agree to when buying a ticket to do this, middle-legging as one term of many is used to describe it, the court threw out the case saying Lufthansa was totally unable to justify its pricing and threw it out.

The practice which is very common in the US and the airlines hate with a passion, is becoming more common in Europe – but it is a breach of your contract with the airline.