HiFly sell their A380 for the whole 2019 summer season



HiFly said yesterday that they have managed to sell their A380 allocation to a single customer for the entire 2019 summer season, but they won’t say who it is, saying its up to the hiring airline to inform its customers.

The airline confirmed it would stay in the same coral reef livery for the duration.

It would remain available for one-off ’emergency’ operations at certain points, but was in effect fully contracted for the period.

This is good news for the airline and while it suggests there is a market it doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be rushing in to buy another A380 just yet.

HiFly also revelaed that the airctraft had required over two months of extensive airframe work following safety notices from Airbus. It was one of the very first built and these have all suffered from extensive air frame revisions inlcuding wing route replacements that took up to six months to fix.

The aircraft is ex-Singapore Airlines with the full interior from that airline still in use. Her two sisters were unsold after their return to Dr Peters Leasing and are now being broken up.