RyanAir to create new group to expand

RyanAir is to move towards a Group structure like IAG, which will make it a ‘house of brands’ style operation.

Partly this is down to Brexit, but combine that to its purchase of LaudaMotion and it begins to make more sense.

The airline posted a small 3rd quarter loss of £20m, but the move to a group is sensible.

Ryan Air UK is now a separate entity to RyanAir, and it’s ownership of LaudaMotion is a totally different Airbus based operation.

RyanAir is also due to take delivery of 200 738Max’s.

A group structure also means its in a far better place to buy up other airlines while allowing them to operate as their own business – and RyanAir has long been looking to join the low cost long haul competition. There are several likely ways forward with that idea – Norwegian for one.

Michael O’Leary will become Group Chairman and CEO.

It might also make the airline more attractive – a recent rights issue to raise money in Dublin has largely been ignored by investors and has been extended.