Cathay Pacific turnaround plans knocked back by pilots

Cathay Pacific pilots voted 3-1 against a deal the airline offered them to resolve pilot pay and conditions claims, and assure the airline of a guaranteed path to claims in the future.

The airline’s plans to refocus its business and bring costs under control have been dealt a severe blow, with nearly 1800 of some 2300 pilots refusing to accept the deal.

The dispute has been going on for nearly 5 years, and was nearly resolved in 2016, but pilots rejected it and have been working strictly to rule.

Cathay was quick to point out that every other unionised group has already agreed to new productivity and working/pay conditions and subtlety pointed out that it was pilots causing the problems. However it doesn’t want to make things worse and the Union seems mildly shocked the turnout was so high and the vote so compelling in its rejection.