Start the week: aviation news quick roundup

1. The Norwegian 737-Max 8 LN-BKE that landed in Shiraz in Iran on December 14th because of an oil pressure warning that resulted in an engine shut down – is still there.

American sanctions prevent parts being exported to Iran and the impasse seems set to last, unless Norwegian can persuade the authorities to relent to get their aircraft back.

The US state department was mostly closed due to lack of funding for the last 35 days, and that’s just made things worse as nobody has been at work to deal with it.

stuck because of sanctions

2. Yes its military but finally the first Boeing 767 based KC-46A Pegasus tanker has been delivered to the US Air Force. It’s over budget, it’s over technically specified, it’s unlikely to have its full capability as specified, operational for another 5 years.

The need for it outweighs its issues however. The US tanker fleet is almost prehistoric in aviation terms and the 707 based tankers are approaching the end of their 50 year lifespan, and are expensive to fly and maintain. The KC-46A Pegasus can’t be delivered fast enough for the Air Force.


3. Spanish airport owners at Madrid Barajas International are trying to find the owner of a 1990 MD-87 EC-KRV. It’s been parked there since 2010 and its last known corporate owner went out of business in 2015. Owners have 12 months to collect it or it’ll be sold for scrap.


4. A tornado sweeps through Antalya Airport in Turkey – see the video, as a tornado sweeps down the approaches to Terminal one, moving buses and shifting aircraft at their gates.