FAA restricts Trent-1000’s on 788’s



Rolls-Royce and its airline customers faced another blow yesterday over Trent-1000 engines fitted to Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners equipped with the Package-C modification and with more than 1,000 cycles.

While not as devastatingly restrictive as the limits on Package-B engines, the ETOPS limit is reduced to 140 minutes, which will affect some airline routings, largely around the Pacific, though most 788’s operate in plenty of range of a suitable airport.

The ongoing saga with the Trent-1000 has been a wake up call for all manufacturers and airlines, in respect of testing, commercial acceptability and safety.

It seems long overdue that passengers, who are playing an admittedly low risk game of Russian Roulette every time they get on one of these aircraft, are due more respect for their wellbeing. Most of them quite unwittingly know nothing about its issues, yet are in effect the guinea-pigs of commercial aviation’s financial pressures.

In the past week alone we’ve had an ANA 788 twin engine shut down during the landing cycle, and an another ETOPS restriction.