AerLingus rebrand another imagination free marketing ploy

They changed the dark green to “Teal” – teal is actually considered by many to be a blue, not a green as it’s derived from the Teal ducks feather colours.

They made the shamrock hearts more – well, ‘hearty’. The reason is that it makes passengers – now referred to as guests, appreciate the warmth and determination of the airlines welcome.

We can all get that? Can’t we? You look at the hearts in the shamrock and think “oh I feel extra welcomed and loved as a guest in this tiny cramped economy seat”. I mean who wouldn’t? The flush of warmth from the shamrock is so obvious it’s the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re paid thousands a year to sit in an all-white design agency, thinking up verbiage to charge your unimaginative client for that is.

The only reason the shamrock is on the wingtips? Because and they admit it, is it looks good in photos on social media.

The new font is again, entirely for clarity on apps and social media.

Yet we all know what all of it’s really for. It’s cheap. It’s easy and it’s simple on the iPhone screen when looking at an App. And if you think British Airways when it comes time for a new livery, won’t go the same way in the IAG family, you’ll be sorely disappointed.