Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways prepares for launch


Bamboo Airways was granted its AOC yesterday just before it reveals it first A321neo on January 10th. The launch had been delayed by aircraft and administrative issues.

The airline still hasn’t launched its website and there’s no date for actual flights to commence.

The new A321neo was delivered on December 30th – in the livery of the original customer, defunct European carrier Primera Air, who never took delivery. It’s spent the last few days being repainted.

Bamboo is aiming for a slightly difficult market place, placing it in the ‘hybrid’ class of airline types. This means it’s not bargain low-cost, but above that in economy, while offering a few premium seats on most flights.

The airline is also planning on much longer range flights, having ordered 20 787-9’s for delivery from 2020.

The airline is owned by a Vietnamese real estate company FLC Group, who also own the airport at Quy Nhon. They’ve invested in new facilities at the airport and new roads to make connections easier.

The airline is aiming initially to start with key Vietnamese city pairs and key local international cities, and will quickly lift services to about 60 flights per day by the end of 2019.