Quick news to start the first full week of 2019


  1. Ryan Air UK is now an official airline – the CAA granted it a licence to begin operations in the UK domestic market and to destinations not in the EU, which so far includes Iceland, Albania and Switzerland. Ryan Air is asking for urgent talks on post Brexit rights for UK airlines – it still hasn’t been resolved properly.
  2. Ryan Air was voted the worst airline in he UK for the 6th year running with a customer satisfaction score of just 47%. easyJet were at 63%.Turkmenistan_Airlines_Boeing_757-22K;_EZ-A011@FRA;16.07.2011_609ie_(6190041427).jpg
  3. The worst airline in the world was declared as Turkemenistan Airlines with a rating of just 30%…Even North Korea’s Koryo Air was only 5th, but Rossiya was 7th, Syrian Air 10th, Royal Air Maroc 14th, but guess what? Ryan Air also tuns up as the 18th worst airline in the world tied with Murpati Nasuntra Airlines of Indonesia…Embraer-195-Images.jpg
  4. The Boeing-Embraer deal is on. Or is it? The new Brazilian President, a fan of military dictatorship and the radical right, seems to think while it’s a good idea, well it isn’t actually a good idea for Brazil in the long run….Boeing will be wondering what’s next?
  5. jetBlue founder David Neleeman is going ahead with new low-cost carrier Moxy – a word not so often used these days that implies guts, daring, and the willingness of someone small to challenge someone bigger. The startups management company has ordered 60 Airbus A220-300 series with another 60 options. the aircraft will all be assembled at the new Airbus facility in the US.A220-300-in-flight-014.jpg
  6. Boom, based in the hi-tech trending city of Boulder, Colorado, has received $114 million in startup cash. It means it can now easily produce its first commercial supersonic aircraft demonstrators. It claims environmental credentials but flying 30 people at supersonic speeds is hardly a sustainable approach to air travel. Expect it to soon gain hard orders from several keenly interested airlines. As many as 200 aircraft are being talked about just to start with.screen-shot-2019-01-04-at-8.14.10-am.pngscreen-shot-2019-01-04-at-8.15.04-am.png
  7. Brexit is likely to leap back to the forefront in the next week, as time is fast running out to resolve what happens. Government begins testing emergency procedures and airlines and travel companies are just pretending it will all be OK when the time comes, and are still taking money and bookings regardless.
  8. Norwegian is wondering how its going to get a 737-8 Max back from Iran. It’s been three weeks since an emergency landing caused by an engine issue as it flew back from Dubai. US Sanctions have prevented the dispatch of new parts for the engine, and passengers and technical staff, along with pilots and cabin crew, were required to stay in a hotel overnight at Shiraz. This means that some 200+ people through no fault of their own, are banned from travel to the US without a full visa and interview, because they formally entered the Islamic Republic.