EU issues no-deal Brexit aviation guidelines


The European Union has issued a set of guidelines covering most immediate aspects of Brexit, but especially important are the ones relating to aviation.

The rules will apply for 12 months, after that a new arrangement will be required.

  1. British airlines owned and operated in the UK with UK registrations will NOT be permitted to fly between EU member countries.
  2. British and European owned airlines WILL be permitted to fly in to the EU from the UK and from the EU into the UK.
  3. Security and safety/engineering recognitions will be extended for 12 months. After  that they will no longer be valid unless a comprehensive aviation agreement has been reached.
  4. Visas will not be required for travel under 90 days duration in the EU

The guidelines, issued this morning will permit flights to continue but will seriously damage airlines like easyJet – which is why they’ve been so keen to register so many aircraft and pilots in Vienna, Austria. What the basic announcement implies is that easyJet will almost certainly need to transfer its ownership structure to Vienna in the event of a no-deal Brexit, something said it will do if it has to.

The question is how quickly will the decision need to be made? With the UK parliament in complete deadlock over how to proceed, easyJet and others cannot wait to the last minute to decide.