Lion Air to cancel the rest of its huge 737 Max order

Lion Air’s co-founder Rusdi Kirana, said yesterday that a recent statement from Boeing blaming the pilots for the recent 737 Max 8 crash, that left 189 dead, left him “feeling betrayed”.

He has ordered the paperwork be drawn up to cancel the rest of the huge order from Boeing – 188 737-Max 8 and 2 737-900’s are on order. “I’ll deal with the consequences later” he said.

The only alternative is to double the number of Airbus A320’s on order, something he seems willing to do.

Boeing – who’s in depth transition training and manuals, never gave pilots the information they needed to understand the MCAS anti-stall system, blamed pilot error, something that upset even US pilots at home. American Airlines pilots have already asked for additional information and training.

Boeing is said to be communicating new guidelines to all operators. In the meantime it’s been expressing its sympathy with the victims.

Some analysts however have said that this is an opportunity for the airline to cut back on an order that was almost certainly to aggressive in the first place, and it now regrets.