Claims that Brexit deal is “good for U.K. aviation” is nonsense, there still isn’t a post-Brexit aviation agreement

I’ll be totally frank here, I, along with many others will be flying out of the U.K. at Easter. That’s Mid-April, just three weeks after Brexit.

As it stands the Brexit agreement that parliament is seemingly about to vote down, contains no agreement whatsoever on what happens to flights, or aviation generally after 2301hrs on 29 March.

The political agreement – which unlike the Brexit withdrawal agreement is NOT binding – has some wishy-washy wording saying how wonderful it would be to have a comprehensive agreement in the future. Not on the day of leaving.

And yesterday Airlines UK the trade body representing most U.K. airlines (but not BA), said that everything would be wonderful, “the agreement provides certainty and confidence for U.K. airlines”, and it provided U.K. airlines with a solid base to work from that would make everyone happy.

That’s blatant nonsense – all they’re doing is trying to make us carry on booking tickets as though nothing changes. They must know – the airlines certainly do – that as of March 29 flights to and from Europe stop dead. And nobody is doing anything about it.

There is still, with barely three months left to go, no formal agreement on what happens.

Parliament has taken up the right to prevent a no-deal Brexit. There is now a very strong possibility that Brexit may be delayed by as long as six months to even a year.

This will enable a second referendum to take place – something increasingly likely to happen. There will be arguments about the questions the referendum asks. It may result in Brexit never happening.

However as thing stand right now, what happens about me getting to Helsinki at Easter and on to Hong Kong is top of my list of concerns, as it soon will be for millions of holiday makers on one of the years busiest flying weeks.

If you booked travel to Europe after the 29 March 2019, you might want to rethink your plans. At least you can fly to Albania, Switzerland, Iceland and the United States.