US-UK Open Skies agreed but Brexit looms large over European rights


United Kingdom and the United States yesterday agreed the necessary arrangements for an Open Skies pact, allowing the current rules and regulations to continue between the two countries post-Brexit.

Unsurprisingly the pressure to agree a trans-Atlantic deal was huge both in the UK and the US, and everyone seems happy that it’s been resolved.

The UK also announced it has concluded deals with Switzerland and Albania, as well as Iceland for mutual flying rights. An agreement with Canada was dscribed as imminent.

However, there is still no outline agreement over what will happen with European Union flights into and out of the UK after the 29th of March 2019. The draft political agreement, which is non-binding and separate from the actual Brexit agreement, is baely a page of A4 and simply commits to discussions on a mutually agreeable outcome in the future.