Brexit – time to put country first

Let me be frank. I hate Brexit. I hate that it’s happening, I hate the consequences of it and I hope one day it will be reversed.

However that is not where we are. The process of getting an agreement has been agonising. Europe quite understandably has its rights to say what it wants and has to fight for it. Britain has to do the same.

The negotiations are over. European leaders are making that quite clear, as is Prime Minster Theresa May.

The United Kingdom, my country, cannot just crash out of its economic partnerships, destroy its trade and aviation industries, just to please a few selfish politicians with more money than most of us will ever see.

They can afford to ride out a disastrous ending and a no deal Brexit. Working men and women cannot.

Some have said that the inevitable recession of a crash out Brexit is possibly a good thing. A cleansing. What sort of unpatriotic, patronising idiocy is that?

Those who voted for Brexit have got what they wanted. It’ll take time to extract a country of 60 million people and Europes second largest economy from 40 years of profitable integrated trading with the EU. It’s a mammoth task. If it takes three years so what?

Do you want it done properly or do you want a massive mess, recession, shortages, airport delays, price rises and turmoil? Do you want job losses? People’s lives upturned? Just for the sake of selfish politicians like Boris Johnson, Rees Mogg and Jeremy Corbyn?

This is the time not to stand up for your party, not even your political belief. It’s time to say to politicians enough is enough.

Get this agonising deal done, let us move on. Let us adjust to the new reality and then we go from there.