Alitalia bids close with three possible winners

The Italian Government has closed the bidding process for state owned Alitalia, which has been in bankruptcy administration since May 2017.

Lufthansa was long the preferred partner until they pulled out, realising the government would never give up its influence over the airline.

The final bidders are easyJet who have said openly they’re bidding, the Italian State Railways – conditionally on another airline also taking part, and it’s believed Wizz Air is the third.

My suspicion is that the Government has made its position so compromising that it’s going to be the State Railways that win, with the other two getting nothing. A secondary partner will them need to be found, delaying the process again.

It’s also believed that easyJet and Wizz are only after the short haul business which complicates the bid further, leaving the long haul business with no new owner.