NCA forced to sell its 744F’s


747-4KZF JA05KZ is the only 744F still operating for NCA

Nippon-Cargo-Airlines.pngJapanese cargo carrier NCA has said its been forced to put up for sale all of its 744F;s after the long summer shut down, which was the result of the airline being grounded because of administrative and technical aircraft failures.

These were the result of excessive cost cutting measures and resulted in fraudulent reporting of maintenance issues, subsequently identified by routine aviation authority inspections.

The authorities would only allow one aircraft at a time to go back into service after an extensive overhaul and safety inspection.

Currently NCA is only flying one of its 744F’s, the rest have been placed in storage at Victorville.

Once the 744F’s have been offloaded the airline will be left with 8 748F’s and a substantial financial loss in 2018.

Interest in the much in demand 744F’s is likely to see them quickly re-homed with Atlas Air, Cargolux and SF all said to be likely takers.