Bombardier sell the Dash-8 Business to Viking Air/Longview

Bombardier has agreed to sell its entire Dash-8 business, including the type and operations certification, plant and intellectual copyright to Viking Air, owned by Longview Investments.

The company has sold the entire business, including all staff and sales and support teams and offices, for $300m US.

Operations will continue to be based and operated from the original DeHavilland facility at Downsview Ontario, until at least 2021, when it will likely move to a new site.

The sale includes all of the rights to the Q series aircraft, and will make Viking the largest producer of turboprop aircraft in North America.

Longview also own the Twin Otter business and the Canadair CL215 and 415 water-bomber programmes.

The sale will help reduce Bombardier’s debt levels, its pension responsibilities for the staff at the plant, and allow it to focus more on its key business jet and CRJ regional aircraft.

It’s an interesting move by the company as the Dash-8 was a profitable side of the business. However it’s specialism is in small to medium jets and that’s where it sees the future. The cost of developing a Dash-8 replacement or further upgrade, was also starting to rear its head, something the company could ill afford.