AerLingus to double long haul fleet by 2023

IAG owned AerLingus was the star of the Groups Capital Markets Day as it’s outgoing CEO announced plans to increase the company’s fleet and the destinations it flies to in the US.

AerLingus is ideally suited to cater for the single transfer market out of Dublin and Shannon; both airports will have US immigration and customs on site. These means when the aircraft arrives in the US its treated as a domestic arrival.

With Brexit, and increasing taxation on long haul flights from the U.K., one way round the expense is to take the lower cost short haul flight from London and not pay the high tax on the second leg, as Irish tax is far lower.

The 757 fleet is to be phased out by 2020 following replacement by A321LR’s in 2019-20. 14 A321LR are due to arrive over 2019-23.

The A330 fleet of 13 aircraft (8 A333, 5 A332), will be upgraded with the addition of another 3 over 2020-23.

AerLingus has also told Airbus it too, would be interested in taking on any prospective A321XLR if it were to proceed.

IAG also announced that AerLingus has applied for permission from the competition authorities in the respective governments, to join the AA/BA/Finnair trans-Atlantic joint venture.

The airline also confirmed a new livery will be revealed on the first A319LR in 2019.

The only thing of note missing was still no mention of the airline joining Oneworld- but Willie Walsh, IAG CEO, did say that Qatar was almost certain to leave the alliance in 2019.