RyanAir and racial abuse case causes consternation in Britain

On Sunday a Ryan Air flight about to leave Barcelona – still at the gate – experienced an appalling racial abuse case as one male passenger used some utterly disgusting language and insults, shouting at a woman he didn’t want to sit next to.

The crew rather than have him thrown off as they should have, and handed to Spanish police, did nothing and the flight carried on.

The incident was recorded and has caused outrage in Britain because the man involved will almost certainly not be prosecuted – because of the actions of the Ryan Air crew.

They should have called in Spanish police. Because the aircraft was not in flight and heading for Stansted in the U.K. – when U.K. law would have applied, he cannot be prosecuted in Britain. The aircraft is also Irish registered and under Irish ‘control’ in the advent of Spanish police not being involved, again preventing the mans criminal behaviour from being prosecuted.

Because of negligence by Ryan Air’s crew and the pressure to turn the aircraft round and get it airborne, they didn’t do what they should have done.

As a result a racist criminal (and in Britain racial abuse is criminal), an abuser escapes justice.