Norwegian slashes routes from Edinburgh and Belfast

Norwegian has announced an end to all flights from Belfast to the United States and Europe, and the end of services from Edinburgh to the US and two Spanish routes.

The Airport Departure Tax was blamed for the end of Edinburgh routes, which the airline says was predicated on their reduction, the Scottish Government then didn’t do so, largely under pressure from Westminster where the U.K. government didn’t want to have a difference between rates in England and Scotland. U.K. passenger aviation taxes are the worlds highest.

The Belfast routes were simply down to a lack of passengers. The demand wasn’t anything like as expected, airlines don’t have time in the low cost environment, to market or develop a route over years as they used to.

The news comes not long after the airline dropped its much vaunted Gatwick-Singapore route which was seen as a major future route, pioneering south east Asia for the airline. That too, failed to attract customers. But then who knew about it? Norwegian does little marketing.