Aer Lingus to rebrand in 2019

Irish airline and IAG subsidiary Aer Lingus is to reveal a totally new livery, new branding and staff uniforms in January 2019.

The first A321LR will be delivered in the new scheme in March.

The airline has been growing significantly, and the A321LR is intended to reach new destinations on the US East Coast.

The general hope of course is that the distinctive livery won’t be crushed into a Eurobland scheme like Iberia – whatever happens you can guarantee the PR department will spin it up with a bucket of marketing drivel.

2 thoughts on “Aer Lingus to rebrand in 2019

  1. Maybe they will do something classy and very Irish. Something that makes Iberia types stand up and say “Hey, fix ours too !” ? But then again I’m expecting a white fuselage with green shamrock tail and a cheap looking text. No doubt BA will follow suit with their “alleged” new livery. Prepare to mbrace the bland !

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