Cynical United tells its staff to say this about new baggage charges:

United recently raised its baggage charge for the first case to $30 and expecting complaints or protest from passengers, this is what staff have been told to say:

Our hope is to reinvest in a more enjoyable and caring flight experience for you and all of our customers

Now just read that again. They HOPE – not will, not ‘we are’ but they HOPE to make what is a generally poor experience better? You know and they know that’s never going to happen.

You have to wonder what ironic twist the United PR department thinks it can add next to the endless slew of public relations snafu’s it manages.

What do staff think about it? Will even one of them say the word ‘hope’? Or will they just be honest?

“Yes I know it seems unreasonable, but our bosses tried to take away our bonus in the last year and theirs aren’t obviously big enough, so this charge goes some way to buying them their dream home in The Hamptons. Thank you for your contribution….”