PrimeraAir gets in trouble over indirect ‘direct’ flights

PrimeraAir, the somewhat controversial airline based in the Baltic but owned by Icelanders has been offering direct flights from Stansted in the U.K., to New York, Newark on its A321LR’s.

It seems that nobody at the airline thought it worth mentioning to passengers flying in the first week of September that the A321LR’s weren’t available and they’re travelling on a 738. An aviation Geek has of course, calculated it could take just 60 passengers if their were no headwinds at all, but just 4 if the minimal 50 knot headwind is in place.

The airline seems to have not mentioned the aircraft will be flying to Iceland for refuelling before continuing its journey.

Why not mention these important facts to customers? Because airlines it seems, can get away with ‘operational reasons’ as a way out.

In any event PrimeraAir was welcomed by many as a great idea, but poor communication has been its hallmark and many customers have been left with a less than stellar view of the airline.