Birmingham Airport Elmdon terminal gets historic status

Birmingham International Airport’s (BHX) original terminal building, now opposite the current airports terminals on the north side of the runway, has been given Grade-2 Listed Historic status.

The “moderne” style airport terminal was opened just months before World War 2 broke out in September 1939. It has wings to shelter boarding passengers, and was designed to provide an experience for everyone.

With tea rooms and a restaurant as well as an observers balcony, the elegant building is much admired for its style.

Although the airport owners supported the listing, there is no obligation to maintain the building. However externally it cannot be altered without permission and there are minor restrictions on interior changes if it is ever opened to the public permanently.

Spotters and enthusiasts would love to see it as an observation centre and visitor attraction, even a full museum space as has happened at Manchester.

The site has clear views of the runway, Monarch Engineering and the current terminal buildings.