Qatari Royal Flight selling one of its 748i BBJ’s

If you ever wondered how the Qatari Royals struggle to fly about the world and how tedious it must be for them, now you have a chance to look inside.

European monarchs are lucky if the even get an aircraft – the British royals for example have access to the RAF A330MRTT when one isn’t rented out to Thomas Cook, or acting as a flying tanker, or in use by the Prime Minister. The British tabloids don’t see value in a government transport aircraft.

Qatari royals have 7 for a country the size of Rhode Island. Plus the C-17’s of the Qatari Air Force to move their cars.

So one – because yes, they have two – of the 748i’s is up for sale.

It’s a superbly liveried aircraft, and despite the fact that you’d expect the taste of Donald Trump “it isn’t alive and breathing it gets painted gold”, and who’s apartment was once described as being designed by King Louis XIV during an LSD trip, the Qatari aircraft is almost tasteful. And yet it’s not quite.

Designed for just 76 passengers and 16 crew, it’s yours for an undisclosed sum expected to be around £200m. Enjoy.