AirIndia has 19 aircraft grounded due to cash shortage

AirIndia apparently has 19 aircraft on the ground because it simply can’t afford to pay for spares and repairs.

Eight of its A321’s, four of its A319’s, five of its 777’s, and at least two 787’s are scattered around its bases in India without access to parts and maintenance due to cash shortages.

Pilots are up in arms because they say the whole management process is making things worse.

Each aircraft cannibalised to keep another going, is in effect a revenue creating aircraft lost, cutting income further and thus exacerbating the problem. It’s a downward spiral with no end other than an entire fleet of inoperative aircraft.

With the government dithering over privatisation – which looks increasingly less attractive to potential investors as revenue declines and maintenance issues increase, AirIndia looks like its trapped in a no win scenario.

The airline’s situation is worsening daily, with growing cancellations and delays because of technical issues.

Meanwhile, little is being done as the airline drowns in debt and political atrophy prevents a solution.

There is growing concern the airline is months away from an EU/FAA safety ban, which would be devastating for its international services.