RyanAir slides down a strikingly slippery slope

RyanAir is facing an ever widening strike as it’s tactics – which some describe as bullying – have an equal and opposite reaction to those it intended.

Pilots are coming out on strike on August 10th – a strike that the harder RyanAir has pushed back against, has simply widened.

This time it’s Swedish and Belgian pilots, strikes across July have ranged from Portugal to Spain and Ireland.

Over 600 flights have been cancelled so far with many more to come.

It seems the pressure on RyanAir is now too much, and they’re offering talks saying they have agreed to 9 out of 11 pilot requirements.

The airline faced a self imposed crisis in 2017 over pilot scheduling which forced it into recognition of unions. It seems long bottled-up issues have finally found an outlet, and inevitably will have to be dealt with. For many observers this has all been a long time coming.

The airline is also facing an ongoing argument expected to end up in a British court, over the way Lufthansa has allegedly behaved over A320’s leased to Laudamotion. Charges they deny.