New Air Force One will get new livery

President Trump demanded the price of the aircraft be cut from the nearly $4 billion cost of the two aircraft. Figures released yesterday show the price is in effect unchanged at just below $4 billion.

Boeing were confirmed as contractors yesterday. The new aircraft will be delivered in December 2024. There is a long tradition that the President who orders new aircraft never gets to use them, it will be whoever succeeds the then President in January 2025, who gains full use.

Currently the planned livery will involve a red white and blue colour scheme – dropping the scheme evolved from the first Air Force One, strongly influenced by President Kennedy’s wife, Jaqueline Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis who died in 1994 aged 64.

Many traditionalists will be disappointed that the iconic livery, seen as unique, classy and quintessentially presidential, is set to vanish. However there’s plenty of time and a presidential election between now and then.


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