Volga Dnepr Groups 748F order surprise – but how?

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 15.59.28

Russian conglomerate Volga-Dnepr Group who own a UK-based subsidiary, CargoLogicAir shocked more than a few with an order for five new 748F’s, never mind 29 777F’s for the UK based airline and an expectation of converted 767’s as well as new builds, and 737-800’s into freighters.

The question was all about the 748F. More than a few people were well aware that Boeing was close to shutting new orders – what wasn’t known was the supplier of “a crucial component” was refusing to make any more without long-term orders Boeing simply couldn’t guarantee.

It seems a compromise was reached in 2016-17. Boeing ordered a total of 20 kits to build as many 748F’s. UPS took 14 of them with their order last year. Now 5 more are gone – that leaves just one spare.

So, in effect we’re just one 748F away from the death of the 747.