Farnborough 2018 kicks off

There is an expectation that this year will see a return to some significant orders, Airbus are hanging on a huge order from Air Asia for A330neo, Boeing are expecting to finalise orders for the 777-X, and have already announced a 14 777F deal with DHL.

Boeing quietly registered the 797 name as a trademark in the last ten days and some people are expecting a surprise product launch.

There are no mega-star launches otherwise. Show aircraft tend to be gone by Wednesday and those on loan like the Qatar A350-1000 and the 748F won’t be there for the public days. There are no more A380 demo flights either.

The A220 will be present and for some that will be an opportunity to see it and experience it.

Yet somehow, Farnborough seems to have lost its show-shine over the past few years. It’s hard to quantify why – business gets done, weapons systems are sold and the aviation support businesses and industries do especially well.

Personally I think the duopoly of Boeing and Airbus – this year even more so than ever with the acquisition of Embraer by Boeing and CSeries by Airbus, has rendered it mostly obsolete as a show. These days it’s a face to face networking and sales presentation opportunity for insiders. For most attendees the day is just a day out of the office to see and be seen.

You’ll be seeing a lot of news from others about it I won’t repeat here, and this year I’ll be in Washington D.C. if you’re going enjoy!