Airbus broadens A350-1000 options with more or less range

If any two major airliners expected to do better it would be the A35K and 777-9. Neither Boeing or Airbus are exactly thrilled at the current order numbers, and both will have taken hits on those that were ordered in past years.

Airbus is creating three new versions of the A350-1000, a 316 ton MTOW is stealing the headlines. This adds significant range over the 308 ton standard version, raising its maximum to 8,400 nautical miles – 15,557km. That’s 750nm further than the standard variant.

Airbus is also adding two lower weight versions – a 260 and 270 ton, with reduced range for higher density routes – for example trans-Atlantic and mid range Asian operations.

Airbus will also allow customers who haven’t yet taken delivery to modify their order to the optional versions.

The variations help Airbus offer a lower price, and widen the potential market, but these rarely have a significant impact on sales.