Rolls Royce Dreamliner saga worsens = bonus for wet lease companies

It feels like the never ending story, but Rolls Royce have now admitted the fan blade issue, previously restricted to a Package C engine format has been found in the older Package B engines. These were fitted on 788’s from 2012, and affect 166 units that will also now require inspection and remedial action.

The problem has been a deeply embarrassing one for Rolls Royce, and yet and the same time demonstrates the pressure engine manufacturers are under to finalise designs to meet production targets for airframe manufacturers.

Conversely, the situation has been a bonus for airlines like HiFly, and leasing companies with old 777’s and A330’s they kept in storage. 772’s once unloved and difficult to shift used, are in strong demand and A330’s almost impossibly hard to acquire.

Add that to the demand for aircraft because of Pratt & Witney’s problems supplying Bombardier and Airbus, that has seen 100+ new airframes sat idle, and short term leasing has never had it so good.