It doesn’t matter what crew say, American Airlines press on with 737 refit

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 17.07.15.png

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines sat through a meeting with cabin crew seriously concerned about the upcoming refit of 200 737-800’s to the same spec as the new “Flying Prison” 738Max.

He listened, he didn’t agree with anything they said. They told him the toilets are too small, the seats lack generosity, they’re uncomfortable, the working environment is cramped and compromised by the infamous micro-toilets and their jamming doors.

It didn’t matter. Because all this meant that 16 more paying sardines could be squeezed in, and that bottom line is all that the platitudinous Mr Parker was ready to concede. because you see customers like it on the Miami-New York run according to the feedback.

Do they, really?….I beg to differ….American Airlines 737Max8 “like a flying prison”

So  buckle up girls and boys, because with higher fuel costs, there’s even more reason to get more of you sandwiched into smaller spaces. If the crew are worried they can’t serve you as well as they’d like to, well Mr Parker doesn’t really care. Because 16 more of you rammed in the seats means he still gets his bonus.